Recovery Process

Once one have crossed different phases of addiction, it is physically and mentally impossible to come out of the problem by themselves. At this point, the recovery process prescribed by a professional is the most viable and efficient method to overcome the addiction. A wide range of recovery programs are suggested by professionals.

The popular and widely used ones include inpatient program, outpatient care, self-help modules and group therapies. Each one of them focuses on specific type of illness and addiction issues. Not all of them are the same and only a trained medicine expert can prescribe the right type of program for you or your loved one. Before you sign up for such a program, it would help to know more about the process, the treatment methods and the end results.


Irrespective of the type of the plan you choose, all of them will follow some basic guidelines and procedures to help patients. They include,

  • Detailed analysis of the individual’s medical condition, physical fitness, family and social status before treating the addiction. Such analysis is mandatory because the issue has to be cured both at a physical and a mental level which is possible only when the doctor has an understanding of the patient’s history as well as moral background in a comprehensive manner.
  • Medical prescription will be suggested based on the addiction level and type. If someone is overly attached to gambling or internet, they will be prescribed sleeping pills so as to ease their mind. Drug addicts often face serious side effects physically which can be overcome only by using the right medicines. It is part of the treatment.
  • Psychiatric support is mandatory in all types of treatments. The doctor will have detailed chat with the patient to analyze and assess various factors before treatment is commenced.
  • Individual therapy, self-control methods and group therapy are part of every treatment center rehabilitation program. They always help patients recover emotionally and lead a better life on a long term.

Support Groups

The recovery process begins with outpatient care and sometimes continues with residential program for individuals but it never ends there. Staying out of addiction throughout their life is important which is why support groups have been formed by treatment centers and self-help institutions around the country. They help you or your loved one who is addicted stay focused on their objectives in life. It is a motivational process where individual will power is boosted and group interactivity helps the patient come out of their shell so as to become a part of social life one more time.

The time taken by a person to recover from the addiction they have faced will always vary based on a lot of social, mental and physical attributes. But, you can always choose a treatment center based on the reviews they have received and their rate of success based on the number of patients who have successfully recovered from the addiction. The recover process is not an individual effort but a group attempt where the addicted person, their family and the medical professionals should come together to help make them into better citizens again.

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