Alcohol and Drug Detox

Statistics reveal that the majority of addicts that form a considerable percentage in each region are those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. While it is one of the most commonly found issue among individuals, it is also the most dangerous and could easily drive them to more severe levels. Unlike internet or gambling, these stuff becomes a part of the human body and are usually found in excessive amounts in their blood samples. Because of this issue, they create a lot of physical side effects which can be overcome with the help of alcohol and drug detox. Different types of detox are available in the centers and here are the most commonly used ones.

Alcohol Detox

The three different detoxes that are prescribed for alcohol addiction are disulfiram, acamprosate and naltrexone. Each one of them have different purposes. The last one, Naltrexone allows the individual to gain better control over their mind and avoid the cravings to consume alcohol once again. Acamprosate helps stabilize their body and remove the excessive drugs that are found in their blood stream while disulfiramcreates a vomiting sensation if they try to consume alcohol. It acts as a deterrent and help the patient stop the craving to do so.

Only a professional trained medical expert should prescribe these detoxes because they can create variety of side effects and can become a life threat to the patient if prescribed in the wrong quantity. Some commonly found issues when they consume detox include nausea, anxiety, increased level of agitation, higher heart rate and profuse sweating. Good treatment centers have specialists who have been involved in the job for years and are capable of prescribing the right type based on the patient’s medical history and level of addiction.

There are different variants of alcohol and drug detox, each one for definitive purposes. Drug detoxes are different and can be available by going for residential care or if you are an outpatient, it can be purchased using a prescription sheet. Now, comes the important part of choosing the right treatment center to be cured in the right time.

Picking the right type of treatment center

In every region, you will find different types of detox centers and you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. In-patient care has some pros but you have to admit yourself on a long term basis to get treated. Outpatient enjoys the convenience of being able to lead a normal life but it suits only those who have mild addiction levels. Choose the one based on the positive reviews that the treatment center have acquired from patients.

Other factors to take into consideration when choosing one includes their years of experience in the industry, amenities provided so that you can be assured a decent lifestyle while being admitted there, the ability to visit your family or friends when they drop in especially if you have young kids, being able to use computers and phones, duration of the treatment and rate of success they have churned out in the past years. In terms of cost, check if they accept insurance and wouldn’t expect you to pay out of your pocket.

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