Extended Care

Extended care is a rehabilitation program where the period of treatment is increased so as to help people who are seriously addicted to drugs or alcohol, so as to ensure they are completely cured before they can go back to their daily life. The programs include all types of rehabs including the ones designed for alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet and every other types. The duration of the care will most probably be determined at the start of the treatment period based on the level of addiction. If someone need intense attention, they will be prescribed a period that could easily be 90 days and even longer in very specific cases.

Inpatient Treatment Program

The biggest advantage of going for an inpatient treatment care is that the person gets 24-hour care which creates a secure atmosphere for the addicted individual as well as their loved ones.Most extended care or long term care treatments are in-patient models because they could last anywhere from three months to a whole year, based on the addiction level of the person. Some individuals might be required to stay for even more months if required. Most long term programs require residential care because such extended treatments are suggested only for those who are addicted at high levels. When they are in such a situation, monitoring them throughout the day is mandatory and it also helps them cope up with their problem without giving in to their cravings.

How to choose a center for extended care?

When you are looking to find an extended care treatment center, you should look into the following factors. Consider the length of your stay which will be prescribed by the medical expert who treats you or a person you know. Based on the length, you should check the amenities offered by the center and make sure it would be a comfortable stay, especially when it goes up to three months to a whole year. The other things that you have to look into include the success rate of patients and the reviews that the center have received in multiple websites. When everything falls into place, you can be assured that you have found the right center. Check the costs and the insurance that they expect before you get admitted.

Successful Recovery

Successfully recovery through extended care is possible only when the addicted individual, their loved ones and the medical experts work in unison. The process is not just about beginning treatment and following medical intervention policies but it also involves a lot of mental therapy that the patient needs. The care program also comprises of individual therapy and group therapy sessions. The addict will have an opportunity to meet with counselors and other people who have previously been under drugs or alcohol but have managed to overcome the cravings through self-determination. Extended care is particularly prescribed only for a select group of people who require such long term treatments but it is also known for creating long lasting solutions for individuals.

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