Detoxification or shortly known as detox is the second stage once you successfully complete your intake into a rehabilitation center. The treatment under the supervision of the expert medical advisors will commence. Before any mental therapy, medicines or counseling is given to your, the first and foremost that they will focus on is to completely remove the drug or alcohol from your blood stream. When it is present in large quantities inside a person’s body, it is not medically possible to cure them of the addiction. The craving will continue to be there to increase the quantity and you may not be able to overcome than purely through mind control. It is when medicine based detoxification comes into picture.

What is detox?

Before you start your treatment, it is mandatory that you know an important aspect. All types of detox methods prescribed by a rehab center is completely safe and doesn’t cause any long term health issues. But, when they are used, there will be plenty of side effects in your body. Rapidly draining out the drug or alcohol from the blood stream obviously will cause many short term problems including nausea, fever, stroke, hallucinations, agitation, frequent sweating, not being able to sleep, shaking among many others. Sometimes it could even cause heart attacks but when it is done under medical supervision, you have nothing to worry about.

Detox is comprised of various types of drugs which are all authorized by the medical association. Be it inpatient program or an outpatient program, you can comfortably consume those without any hassles. When they are part of your prescription, it is completely safe to use. However, given the side effects associated with it, people who are addicted for longer periods of time should always consider going as an inpatient with recovery programs. They will gain the advantage of being monitored by professionals round the clock and treatment methods can be varied as per the symptoms showcased by the patients.

Acquiring Specific Treatment

The type of detox prescribed for a patient will vary from one another based on the type of drugs that the person consumed. The same one cannot be used for cocaine, marijuana among others as each drug has different combination. Your medical expert will have strong knowledge of them all and they can help you recover from the addiction in a streamlined manner.

Detoxification is a certified and safe treatment method that you can bet upon. It should always be supervised by a trained and a certified medical professional under the right conditions. An addict can always develop the mindset to come out of the drugs or alcohol. But, he or she should never attempt to undergo detoxification in their residence without expert supervision. It could lead to dangerous results as severe effects could even cause seizures and heart attacks. Find the best rehab center that treats your addiction with care, evaluate the facts including their rate of success, cost, amenities and get treated the right way to enjoy sober living.

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