How long does Rehab take

Every time a person is admitted for treatment in the inpatient program or start receiving medical assistance as an outpatient, the first question that comes to their mind is the time that it takes to successfully complete the rehabilitation program. It is natural that they would like to come out of the addiction and lead a hassle free life with their family. But, to answer this question directly, there is actually no specific period set because the treatment time that it takes to successfully complete the process might vary from one person to another. Some of them may have to spend at least three months, which is 90 days in the rehab center while those who are still in their early stages may complete treatment within thirty days or so.

Treatment Period

The actual treatment period and the time it takes for a person to successfully complete the rehabilitation process could vary based on their level of addiction as well as the substance to which they were addicted to. Those who are addicted to internet, gambling or others may get cured quickly whereas drug and alcohol addicts easily require a couple of months before they can be considered as normal. The problem is that unlike other types of addictions, drugs become part of the addict’s blood stream and it has to be manually removed used detoxification methods. The process causes many physical side effects that they have to overcome. Once it is completely removed from the blood, the individual and group therapy sessions will begin. Then comes the rehab process and obviously it is evident that all these steps need time to bring out the best results.

Why spend time in rehab?

Statistics have clearly specified that a person who have become addicted to a substance needs time to acquire self-realization and the more time they spend, the stronger they will become. The individual will also have time to know why they got addicted in the first place and find the root cause that caused all the trouble in the first place. These are the reasons behind the fact that medical experts suggest patients to spend time, especially for long term addicts who need extended therapy. Some of them also find other interesting activities during this period such as playing sports, yoga, meditation and others to help them overcome the depression as well as their craving.

Your Right Treatment Center

Studies also reveal that one rehab doesn’t cure everything which is why you have to find the best center for you or your family member. Rehab reviews always help you know the quality of services offered, their rate of success, amenities available and so on. Once you are happy with it, you can know more about the cost, the insurance accepted and go for an intake. Check if the center also has follow-up programs and support groups which are designed to help avoid relapse at all costs. After all, coming out of an addiction is just the beginning and being sober throughout your life is more difficult than the first phase.

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